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Raw Motion Fitness

I coach professional people online and 121 to lose body fat, move better and become mentally resilient.


Brendan is the owner and coach at Raw Motion Fitness. He specialises in lifestyle coaching for professional men and women, he also works with businesses across the UK to improve health and wellbeing with staff. Most personal trainers only focus on the fitness element and will offer some antiquated eating plan.

Brendan takes the old school approach to fitness and throws it out the window. He combines simple movement techniques, mindset coaching and nutritional coaching to help you achieve your goals quickly and maintain a healthy lifestyle long after your training program is complete. Brendan works with people and businesses on a 3 month or 6 month basis using the model below.

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Most people view fitness and nutrition as a 50/50 balance split and often end up putting 80% of their energy into training hard and 20% of their energy into food. Brendan works on a different model, 20% training and 80% nutrition and mindset. This has provided amazing weight-loss for his clients, resulting in an average of 5% decrease in body fat over 3 months.





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