Welcome to Raw Motion Fitness!

My name is Brendan and I lost the weight of another human!

I changed my life and now I help busy, un-happy, stressed and over-worked people change their lives forever!

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This program is designed for the ‘average Joe’.

You’re working full time, but you never have time to get the results for your waistline.

In 30 days you learn techniques and implement practices to get you results and save you tonnes of time!



This program is designed for busy mums and dads.

You want to be fit and healthy for your kids, you’ve lost your way slightly and need to find some direction back to health and fitness.

This monthly membership program will shift your gears, give you the tools to achieve what you want with the time you have.



You have only got now. Time is our most valuable asset.


Earn your time in the future with great results today.

— Brendan


The Blitz Coaching Program

This is a 12 month coaching program for business men, women and entrepreneurs.

What’s the point in striving for greatness if your waistline kills you before you succeed?

The Blitz Program is designed to coach you through a 3 part focus - Mindset, Movement and Nutrition. Each part brings together the result of you reaching PEAK performance in life, business and the future!


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Free Stuff


Archive of Brendan’s Coaching for the last 6 years

Movement, Mindset and Nutritional coaching archive where you can learn, practice and develop ways of having a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


YouTube Fitness Channel

Join Brendan on his YouTube channel for coaching videos and awesome playlists of workouts!

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Join Brendan’s FREE coaching group on Facebook!

Weekly coaching videos on Mindset, Movement and Nutrition will be of massive help to you… More importantly… It is all about becoming a TEAM of awesome people.