Personalised 121 Fitness and Health Coaching

Brendan’s 121 fitness and health coaching will help you build your fitness, lose weight and develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Brendan knows how hard this can be, so he’ll be empathetic and supportive - and tough when he needs to be.

After working with Brendan, you’ll be leaner, fitter and sharper mentally. You’ll change your views about food too.

You can also look forward to:

  • A free and comprehensive initial consultation to assess your needs

  • Movement analysis and feedback to help you get the best out of each exercise and avoid injury

  • Goal setting - we write them down so you can measure your progress

  • 2 personal coaching sessions per week

  • 12 week fitness and nutrition plan

  • Tailored workouts

  • Advice on how to eat better

  • Motivational support and a kick up the arse if and when you need it!

  • Fat loss, better range of movement, increased agility and endurance

  • Improved mental sharpness

  • Less fatigue during your working day

  • Tips on managing your time to make room for exercise

Not a Virgin Active Solihull member? No problem.
You’ll get three months membership of Virgin Active Solihull (no contract) and three months of personal coaching for £433 per month.

Existing Virgin Active Solihull Member: £367 per month.

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