Persistant Consistency

My 18 year old brain wanted to play golf for a living and my whole being was driven towards making that happen. I was, and still am, very creative; I focused on Art in high school and in America, I love to write and take pictures, being creative for me is a massive outlet, something that keeps me sane. Writing is something that I never actually thought I would share with anyone. In fact today I was clearing out a whole bunch of stuff from my room, old files, receipts and the usual crap that one accumulates over time and I found these…

Yes that’s right! Over a decade’s worth of notes, journalling, sketching and random brain farts that have crossed my mind. From Botswana to America and then to England, I have a log of interesting anecdotes and emotions in my life. I truly hope that no one ever reads them because I think that the most embarrassing entries were when I was stoned and trying to make sense of the world. Before you get too carried away, I wasn’t writing about cupcakes and pizza, or how colourful everything seemed. A lot of my writing in the time I got back to England from America was philosophical or that of a sense of frustration with the world and the way I saw it.

Finding these books got me thinking about the past, not in a bad way or a good way, but in an ‘AHA!’ Kind of way…

Somehow I have created a business for myself that I love, a business that involves fitness, helping people, writing and being creative with video content, an outlet or technique of expressing what I enjoy about the world. It’s like the different areas of my life fit together to form a picture of sorts. An example, whilst browsing my notes and entries in said journals, I came across some notes from a web-design course that I did in London many years ago through the Open University. At the time I remember doing the course and thinking, "I’m really unsure about how this benefits me right now.” To this day I still don’t know how much of that course I remembered when starting my blog in 2014 but somehow it helped me. The same way that, somehow, pouring thousands of pints of beer and cashing up countless tills then rushing to catch a bus will have taught me something for the future. If you couple that with the hours of writing, thinking and procrastinating about sharing my thoughts with the world, then you have essentially the blog.

Why is this relevant to a motivational Monday blog post?

We live in an age of instant gratification, an age where it seems that people can become what ever they want, or be who ever they want to be in no time at all… I see a lot of people ‘hustling’ and ‘grinding’ or ‘chasing dreams’ and sometimes despair because I too get caught in the hustle of life without stopping to see how far I have come and what has shaped my reality. It is important to notice growth in character and development or realisation of our dreams.

All growth is fundamentally something that happens; for it to happen two things are important.

  1. You must have technical ability to express what happens.
  2. You must get out of your own way.

In my head, looking at those two points from a lifestyle or fitness perspective - your 'technical ability’ is about learning how to change habits, and the plan that gets you to your goals. Getting out of your own way is about living your life, enjoying the plan you’ve set and being the best you that you can be. Some days will be easier than others, some days you’ll question how things may serve you but down the line you’ll learn to appreciate where you’ve come from.

If we are constantly looking forward to something it is easy to become demotivated by the current state of affairs. Think about this, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel on and off for over 33 years, that is a long time to work at something, the result is an amazing building that inspires people every single day. I’m sure at the time he probably thought he would never create something to be so timeless, heck he probably had doubts that he would ever achieve half the things he achieved with his life.

When I first started my sketch book and journal in 2003 in Botswana I never knew it would contribute to today’s blog, but here it is, my blog is no Sistine Chapel but to me Raw Motion Fitness is my masterpiece that I’d like to watch grow and blossom.

I guess I’m trying to say that even though some days your goals and your aspirations in life might weigh you down, just remember that over the course of a year, two years or even two decades you can achieve so many awesome and inspiring things with your life.

That being said, giving up is now no longer an option because you’d only be getting in your own way. Be awesome, be epic, be everything you want to be!

Have a great Monday and remember to Stay Strong and Keep Moving!