Mental Fortitude | Ways To Become Mentally Tough

Fortitude definition: Courage in Pain or Adversity

What is mental fortitude then? Well, imagine this, you’re playing your favorite sport or doing you favorite activity. You’re out having a great day and then bang! You’re on the floor and can’t move. Your back has given way and you’re in so much pain you can’t even scream for help.


No one knows you’re out doing your thing and so no one is looking for you. Hours later someone finds you and gets you to hospital... How would you feel?


Distraught? Upset?


Now imagine you were the number one golfer lying on the golf course unable to move, and your life had already been through the ringer.


You’d probably be pretty miserable, you’d probably think your career is all over. Especially after multiple surgeries on your body. Lying in bed, watching other people play the tournaments that you used to win, and hoping to heal.


Fast forward to today and you’re past rehab, you’ve done the resting and you’re able to swing the clubs again like a champion and get yourself in contention in the major tournaments again.




What I have written above is Tiger’s journey the last few years. I know I’ve written about him before and I know I write about golf a lot, but that is simply because golf and life are governed by our mindset.


People will argue that he is rich, super talented and able to afford the best coaches and doctors. My response is yes, but he is still no different to you or me. In fact the odds of recovering from the physical trauma he suffered are probably worse for him than anyone because of the rigorous hours of practice and gym work he has done in the past.


I also think that people will come up with any excuse to avoid realising their potential for fear of failing. If you think that is not true, you have ask yourself how many times people will willingly step out of their comfort zones and push themselves.


Tiger, to me, has been a shining example of what you can achieve if you trust that you are worthy. If you develop the mental strength and fortitude to over come anything that comes your way.



This has to start at the grassroots level. Tiger, for example, was put under extreme situations in practice rounds with his father. His dad would make noise, set off fireworks and talk whilst Tiger was trying to play. All in the knowledge that it would make him tune out anything distracting. I’m not suggesting setting off fireworks in a boardroom when things get tough, but maybe you can test yourself by looking changing something within your daily routine.


Look for a role model/ mentor to guide you or take a look at someone you admire and see how they deal with difficult situations.


Exercise is a great way to develop toughness, pushing past a cardio threshold or lifting a weight that challenges you. There is a reason Michael Jordan said; "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." 


Diet is a great way of flexing your mental toughness muscles. If you are looking at the menu in a restaurant can you simply make a choice to say no to the dessert menu? Can you choose to eat the healthiest thing on the menu? If you're out shopping can you choose fresh food instead of anything else?


Stress can easily overwhelm anyone, so introducing some QUIET time each day will aid in getting the mind strong. This will aid with workplace politics and give you the chance to clear your mind before launching into a more stressful debate. Learning to meditate or do diaphragmatic breathing is a massive winner here, if you implement this each day it can bring your cortisol levels down.


Implementing these can really boost your mood and overall health.

If you find that these tips have helped you then I'd welcome you to try out the Kickstarter Programme as I develop on these points and much more in the 8 weeks. You'll get fitter, stronger and feel mentally stronger to boot!


Have a great day and week ahead!


Stay Strong and Keep Moving!