PERSPECTIVE | The forgotten word in health and fitness

  Different point of view

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Why am I writing about this? Well, it has been a few weeks since I have written and I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this word. Let’s just be clear, perspective in relation to life and fitness is about taking a slightly different view of where you are at.


I am just as guilty as anyone when it comes to putting pressure on myself, be it golf, to blogging every week or working a lot. It seems fitting that I write this post for me and for anyone out there in the same boat.


Over the last few weeks I have been putting in some time on the roads to get my running going again. Running to me is something truly enjoyable, though it never used to be.


Growing up in Zimbabwe I wasn’t a runner, I was into my cricket and my golf, but running never seemed like fun. I was overweight as a kid and into my teens, so running was always something that I found tiring and difficult, especially when we had to do the dreaded cross country race each year. I would break away from the pack by simply being the slowest and most unfit, panting and aching before the first 100 metres were up.


I remember in my first year of high school having to line up for the 100-metre sprint and then being left in dust as all the other boys shot into the distance, crossing the finish line 15 minutes later and struggling to get to my next lesson on time. Fast forward to when I was 22 stone and living in London, running to me was something that I had no intention of doing. Not until I had changed my mindset about my dietary choices and started to feel better. I was about 1 week into my lifestyle change, nourishing my body and feeling a bit of energy surge through my body when I decided to go for a walk…

New Memories

I was always on my feet for work, but never solely for the enjoyment of the outdoors and for exercise. The change I felt was instantaneous, after 1 walk I was already planning my second walk and on my second walk I was thinking about which light post I could jog to without stopping.


Eventually when I started running it was for the enjoyment of being able to run and to test myself. I had managed to coach myself, unknowingly, into the enjoyment of running. Instead of running because I was told to run I ran because I wanted to run.


This formed a whole new appreciation for what I was set on achieving. Sure, I wanted to lose weight and get fit, but no one was holding me to it. It was just me against myself because I wanted it to be.


Today I went for a run, 12km, something that I have been enjoying doing for a few weeks because I’d like to get faster at it. I was astounded to see how slow my pace was compared to what I thought it might be. When I beat my 5km time the other day I logged into Strava to see what my time was like and although it was better than my last 5km it was miles away from what other people are achieving. I got a little annoyed, until I reminded myself of where I started 5 years ago, wishing to run between lamp posts. Furthermore remembering the panting, wheezing teenager collapsing at the end of a 100 metre slow run in high school.



This is why I’m writing about perspective today, and this is why it has been on my mind. We are always our biggest and best critics. We are especially good at only focusing on the present in relation to the future, in other words, “I’m not losing weight or seeing progress after 2 months.”Perspective is the angel on your shoulder that should step in and say, “yes, but look at how you’ve changed in the last 2 months, you’re putting in the effort, KEEP GOING!”


Equally if you feel like you’ve slipped and aren’t where you used to be then re-read the start of this blog post and see the change in perspective for me. From school running, which I hated to getting fitter and better on my own, there is a process and you have to want to change greater than you want to stay the same.


There is always a different way to look at things, there is always a way to turn something into a ‘glass half full’ approach. You just have to be open to seeing it.


Have a great week, Stay Strong and Keep Moving!