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I really appreciate you taking the time to engage with my content…

There are so many ways that the fitness industry hits people’s wallets - I toyed with the idea of making people pay for my Facebook group and the coaching that I put in there, but I didn’t want to create a barrier to entry.

My story and my Facebook posts are there to share a journey and are a way for me to be honest and connect with people from around the world.

I genuinely believe that we can make so much more of an impact in the world than we allow ourselves to believe. Be it mental health improvements, lifestyle improvements or fitness and dietary improvements.

I’ve been bullied for being different, I’ve been obese and completely full of self doubt. I still struggle to this day. I have a strong principles and believe in standing up for what we believe in.

With your help I can put more energy into helping more people. I want people to join my group for free, and if they feel like they have gained something from it then each person can contribute to a great cause.

Every single donation is split 50/50.

50% will go to the National Autistic Society to help develop better lives for people with Autism.

50% will go towards creating more content for the Facebook group, workshop days and coaching resources, courses and education for me and my future team.

My goal is to make this group a fantastically awesome place for a community of people to thrive, with your help we can boost this by providing people with content and workshop days to improve the world. We have the power to make the world a positive place. With your help we can make it happen faster.