I’d like to start by thanking you for clicking on this post and starting to read it. If you have been following my journey for a long time or you have read a lot of my blog posts then that is awesome! If you are new then welcome. I hope that my story helps you to realise that there is a big difference between being motivated to do something and being DRIVEN to do something. 


For the last 4 years I have been writing, stopping, re-writing and editing a book about my life, I realised the other day that what I really want to say needs to just be said and put out there. The compilation of a book can come later. Just as I am going to write about my life and how being DRIVEN is the only way for you to overcome your challenges, so too should you apply this to the reading process. 


This blog is not going to be a weekly blog like my previous motivational blog, the posts will come out when they are ready. There is a lot more reading to be done for you and more writing to be done for me. More importantly it takes time to tell my story and some of the things I will be writing about I will be telling people for the first time. A lot of things I find hard to talk about and writing them down takes me to some dark places. I write them with a sense of humour, however those moments hold the true education towards being DRIVEN.


My DRIVEN Blog is here to tell my story, my struggle, my walk through life. For some it might resonate deeply with a past experience, for some it might help navigate past obstacles that come their way. I’m hoping it ruffles some feathers because let’s face it, life is hard and there are always going to be people that beat us down. The key for us is rising above the things that drag us down and learning to deal with the struggle. Remember, struggle is important.


To kick things off there is a fundamental process that I must explain. It is process of change, how the human mind deals with change and the different phases that we go through. I would like you to understand that change takes time, change takes struggle and hardship. The kind of change that I put myself through meant a complete re-wiring of the way my brain processed information. It was a complete re-wiring of how I ate, how I moved and lastly how much love I felt for myself. It all came from one source though, being DRIVEN.


The image below is how we, as humans, deal with change, and this will be touched on several times throughout the blog. 

Stages of Change.jpg

Whilst it is great to know the phases of change what I get most from people these days is a list of questions:


“How did you quit smoking cigarettes and weed?”

“How did you lose 10 stone?” 

“How did you stop drinking?”

“What was the moment where you decided to change?” 

“What diet did you stick to?”

“Who was your inspiration for changing your life?”


My answer to those questions is often long winded and I delve into my past, what I really want to say to people is that I was DRIVEN! 


I have been in the fitness industry for a while now and when I started I felt like a kid in a giant toy store, excited and ready to dive into anything. Over my short time I feel that I have absorbed a lot and one of the things that stands out the most is that people in general are soft. People are scared of challenges, people are scared of hard work. We are living in an overprotected age, where good enough and being mediocre is glorified. An age of empty celebrity where you can be famous for being famous, if you don’t believe me then look at Kim Kardashian and Dan Bilzerian. We are in an age where people are only used to working on their strengths and never of their weaknesses. A world where schools promote all children to be winners and there are no losers. Well, I’m telling you today that being a loser was the biggest thing that spurred me on whilst I was changing my life. Remember, struggle is important.


If you’re offended then you either disagree with me or I’ve struck a nerve, I always say that the truth can hurt and the truths I found out about myself hurt a lot over the years. They still do.


If we are telling people that just being good enough is okay then how will we ever push ourselves to be greater? How will we ever reach our true potential as humans? I truly believe that we are all uniquely talented at something, the saddest part for me is that most people will go through life never realising their talent. Never being pushed to try new things, never being challenged because these days being mediocre is good enough.


Being DRIVEN means you rise above all of the bullshit you are told and the bullshit you sell yourself. Being driven means you are focused and you go for it no matter the odds or what people think!


When I speak to people these days about the goals that they have, or the things that they would like to achieve I often assess them based on where they fit in relation to the phases of change. I also use my bulshitometer, yes that is a real thing, to understand how badly they want to reach the change that they talk about.


The phases of change; were devised by two alcoholism researchers Carlo C DiClemente and J.O. Prochaska – the phases were created with the intention of helping professionals who were, in turn, helping their clients deal with change or addiction. 


Their personal observations showed a very simple and fascinating wheel of change. Their model has 6 stages of change. Whilst there are over laps in the stages of change there are distinct moments in each phase that I can relate to in terms of my addiction to cigarettes, drugs and food. Maybe you can relate to them too? 


Looking at the phases of change in relation to being DRIVEN and the way I will be writing you’ll learn why I have actually tried and failed to keep my body fat at bay several times in my life, why I was bullied as a kid, why I came to hate a sport I loved, why I gave up on my dreams, why I became depressed, why I became broke and mentally living in a dark hole.


You’ll learn that the struggles I’ve had have always been related to how my body was shaped at the time. You’ll learn that every single excuse you’ve ever come up with for being stuck where you are existed before you, and will exist long after you have gone. 


I write this blog with the intention of reaching people and letting them know that there are simple moments in your life that you can use to thrive off, they are moments that may seem insignificant but they have a profound effect on the way you view the world around you. If you fuel yourself correctly then you’ll find that you are DRIVEN to your own personal success! That you are DRIVEN to be better than just good enough.


I write this blog to reach you and let you know that no matter what you may think there is always a way out of any situation. 


If you’d like to be updated when a new post drops then hit the button below. All I ask is that you give yourself the chance to be open minded and give yourself the chance to be DRIVEN!