Svetlana's Story! Motivational Monday


There are some really awesome stories out there about people who have transformed themselves through dedicating time to awesome lifestyle changes; a person who stands out from the crowd is Svetlana Pulido. Svetlana is originally from Moscow and moved to live in Florida 2 years ago. About a year ago she decided that she wanted to lose some weight and feel better. "I was a very unhappy person, I had a sedentary lifestyle. I was struggling with cravings and binge-eating. I was a victim of my life and needed physical and mental transformation." In August 2014 Svetlana realised that she wanted to change, see below.

Working out mostly at home by herself Svetlana had to overcome the lure of quitting a training program, she did that by figuring out her WHY. Her WHY was greater than her fear of change; she realised that she wanted to feel better and more confident. Over the course of a year Svetlana managed to lose 20lbs, she felt better, stronger and took to social media to spread her transformation and help others.

With the weight down Svetlana set up a Facebook challenge group in order to help others reach their goals, this in turn helps to keep her inspired and moving forward. Her dedication and commitment to overcome obstacles is something to be admired, but unfortunately for Svetlana the hurdles did not stop there. About 5 months ago she felt the symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and insulin resistance developing. For those who don't know what PCOS is then click here to read more about it. The insulin resistance, PCOS and the fact that she stopped taking birth control pills resulted in a very rapid weight gain. All her hard work was being undone.

"I gained 15 lbs in a month, had no energy and I will not even dive into all skin and hair issues. PCOS isn’t pretty and it can push people into deep depression. It didn’t stop me. I have been educating myself, reading books, listening to podcasts, doing the work, creating new healthy habits. It has been an everyday fight with sleepiness and depression. When I needed some extra support and accountability I connected with my Facebook group. Over the last month or so I have got my health back without any medication and lost 10 lbs too! My last blood test came out perfect. And I keep moving forward with new habits and knowledge that I’m  using to help others."

I asked Svetlana to share some tips for anyone looking to make a big positive change in their lives, they are listed as follows.

  1. Find and always remember your own WHY! You need to know why you want to make a change and it has to be strong enough to get you out of the bed at 5am if you have to.
  2. Find your support system. At some point you will need it. It can be your spouse, best friend, family member, online community.
  3. Believe in yourself and be patient - You need to see yourself achieving your goals, visualize your success and know that it’s just the matter of time, you will get there no matter what because YOU CAN and YOU WILL.

I truly believe Svetlana's story can inspire so many people to develop self belief and understanding that health issues do not have to be the end of your goals. I admire and congratulate her on empowering herself with knowledge and movement!

Exercise is one thing, but understanding and learning about your situation is another, Svetlana spent time researching her situation and is using superfoods to help her body heal in the best way possible.

"My superfoods are always my first and favorite meal of the day. I love the Micro Green salad from the Ultimate Reset program (priceless for people with PCOS): 3 cups baby salad greens  ¼ medium carrot  shredded ½ medium cucumber chopped ½ medium red bell pepper sliced ¼ cup sprouts (like radish, alfalfa, or broccoli)  ½ medium tomato chopped ¼  cup chopped jicama  1/3 cup roasted  pumpkin seeds 1 Tbsp  fresh chopped cilantro (optional) Combine greens  Toss the salad together to blend it."

I think the biggest thing that strikes me about Svetlana's story the most is that she has not given up on herself; I'm sure she has had her dark moments along the way but she has not let any excuses get in the way of her goals. In our correspondence about her journey she included an amazing quote which really resonates with me:

"If You Want Something You’ve Never Had, You’ve Got To Do Something You’ve Never Done." With that said I feel it is time to leave it there for this week's Motivational Monday, a slightly longer post than normal, but well worth the read. If you found this inspiring, or you think it may help someone along in their journey then please share it and leave a comment below. Well done again Svetlana! Keep up the good work!

Have an awesome week ahead! Stay Strong and Keep Moving! B