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What is the Kickstarter program all about?

I have summed up what the Kickstarter program is all about in a video towards the end of this post. Please do read on because I have included something special in this blog post, just for you!


Over the last few years I have been studying the work of a gentleman called Paul Chek, It has been great to learn and be inspired by the work of Nathan Helberg and his movement training. I have studied courses and read countless books on motivation, personal development and psychology. And I have spent many hours talking to and working with people who are struggling with areas of their lives. A lot of the time I see people turning to fitness  as the solution to their immediate problems. Whilst there is almost always scope to improve that area of their lives, it is also sometimes not what is necessary for things to change.


The one thing that has resonated within me the last few years is that there is more to life than fitness. There is more to this world than the glitz and glamour that we are sold through various means. I think as humans we gravitate towards certain things because we feel like it will bring us close to contentment in our lives, this contentment we seek can only truly come from within. It comes from being balanced, from working on ourselves from every angle. From working on our mindset, our movement, our diet, our happiness and our stress levels. That is where my Kickstarter Program comes in.

My focus:

I’ve always said in my posts that with the right mindset we can accomplish great things in our lives. With the right movement, nourishment we can become stronger more vibrant people. With the right application of rest and recovery from the stresses we face in the modern world we become able to thrive! This is what my Kickstarter program focuses on.


We are emotional beings and whilst having a ripped six pack and the most awesome Instagram page might provide a sense of fulfilment, there is always going to be a craving to find something better. The craving for something new; new belongings or compliments and likes on social media are subconsciously derived from lack. It could be lack in emotional balance, it could be a disconnect from dreams and aspirations in life. It could simply be that there is too much intensity or not enough balance in these four areas of our lives...



Quiet time.


How can this program help you? 

The Kickstarter program has something for everyone. The program focuses on activities that are delivered to you each week based on the four areas of our lives I have mentioned above. Throughout the 8 weeks you uncover techniques and ways of helping you thrive beyond the 8 weeks and into the rest of your life.

It is a holistic course in the sense that we don’t just smash fitness and diet goals, we tie in the relationship of the fitness element with the happiness element. You will explore the relationship between stress and issues with your body. Be it bad sleep patterns, weight gain, mood swings, negativity or self doubt. Together we look at ways, and perform activities to combat these things and set you up on a process of fulfilling your potential as a human being on this wonderful planet. Together we work over the 8 weeks to create a sustainable change in your life for the future.


This course encompasses everything that I believe is necessary to kickstart you in creating the life you want to live. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight, get a better job or be more emotionally balanced, there is something for everyone.


Though I have learned a lot in the last few years, the most important lessons I have learned have been from the hard knocks. I've gained and lost weight time   and time again. I've tried and failed at my dream of being a professional golfer. I've been bullied, and have had to pick myself up from a break up at the age of 26. At that stage I was the heaviest, most angry and frustrated version of myself I have ever been.

A big Thank You! 

I hope that you will join me in exploring just how far you can take yourself in this journey. I hope you’ll join me in the Member Zone to start with your first activity. The course runs through 8 weeks and is charged at £380 split over 3 months. You’ve given me great support by simply reading this blog post! If you are on my mailing list then you’ve been seeing my posts week in week out for as long as you have been subscribed. As a huge thank you I am currently running a 50% discount on the course for new sign ups using this code here: BM100 .


You can put the code in at the sign-up page linked below and start your journey with me and Raw Motion Fitness today!

Thank you for all your love, kindness and support over the last few years on this blog! I look forward to the next few years!


This course will truly help you Stay Strong and Keep Moving!