BLITZ PROGRAM Monthly Payments

BLITZ PROGRAM Monthly Payments

150.00 every month for 3 months 165.60 every month for 3 months


This 90 program is a way for you to get fitter and stronger with the guidance from Brendan, a qualified Personal Trainer and nutritional coach. Brendan specialises in behavioural change towards fitness, this program will reflect that. This is not a flash in the pan, this is a way for you to earn your fitness and the body that you want! Over the next 90 days you’ll set a good foundation for movement, nutrition and mindset that you and Brendan will build upon each week in your calls.

The focus of month focus is to get you reading and actioning the FRAMEWORK document and going through the nutritional coaching videos, also to lay down a good movement plan.

The focus shifts in month two to more structured training and intensity as well as tweaking the nutritional focus.

Month three is where things start to really shift as new habits will be formed and you’ll feel like a completely different person.

If you have any questions, injuries or illnesses then please contact Brendan today to see how this program can work for you. If you are on any medication then please consult with a doctor or medical professional before doing any HIIT training.

The program involves weights, and will require access to resistance equipment, there are modifiers for you but ideally you’ll have access to a gym.

This program has a 30 day money back guarantee which means that if you are not completely happy with the value and progress that you are making you can request a refund. There are not hidden agendas here, just pure honest hard work. If you’ve committed to the program and given 100% then results will follow.