I’ve lost inches around my waist and my tennis has never been better
— Carmine, Abu Dhabi

I’ve lost 10 kilograms and shifted gears in my training.
— Steve, Solihull

I feel stronger and more confident, my body shape has changed.
— Nick, Solihull

I’ve lost 10 kilograms, decreased my medication and have changed my lifestyle over the last three months.
— Marco, Rome

In the last three months I’ve lost 1 stone and completely changed my approach to exercise and food. I have the confidence to take my lifestyle to the next level now.
— Angela, Solihull

One of the hardest sessions I have ever done!
— Ronan Keating

I have found that working with Brendan has really challenged me in many ways. We are currently working on my explosive power for my golf game and the results are amazing!
— Alan, Solihull

Brendan is passionate and has a good knowledge base to get you the results you are looking for.
— Mike, Solihull

Brendan has brought a new energy and vigour to my Workouts and has introduced new ideas and equipment; as well as showing me how to work out at home when getting to the gym is not possible.
— Saher, Solihull

I’ve been having personal training sessions with Brendan for three months now, and I can honestly say that during the time that I’ve worked with him he has managed to completely change my outlook on exercise and diet. I now enjoy going to the gym, have made drastic changes to my diet, and you’ll even find me doing stretching and exercises in the morning before I go to work - a huge transformation!
— Mike, Solihull

It has been a really big change in my life working with Brendan as I have found I actually had to slow down and follow the program to progress. Naturally I wanted to get back to where my fitness levels used to be which was unrealistic at the time. I stuck with the program and harnessed his encouragement and advice, so far I’ve lost 6 kilograms (13lbs) but I find the more I work with Brendan the less I am worried about the numbers and the more I am noticing how good I feel.
— Lauren, Milton Keynes

Brendan Turner is awesome. He is such a supportive, friendly, genuine guy that when it comes to personal training these qualities shine through giving an excellent experience. I cannot commend enough his work ethic, his planning, and his ability to train even the most untrainable.”

I have gone down from a 42-inch waist to a 36-inch waist.
— Jonny, London

I was very fortunate to find Brendan as my personal trainer. Over the last few years, I have tried to ease my chronic shoulder problem but with no relief. I joined the gym hoping that some exercise might help my shoulder pain. As a 70-year-old, I had begun to think that I was stuck with the discomfort.

Working with Brendan, I have achieved a very considerable improvement in my movement and comfort – and, as a bonus, my general fitness.

I would certainly recommend Brendan as a personal trainer and, of course, am delighted with the unexpected success I have achieved.
— Carol, Solihull

Brendan is firm, but fair and always prepares his sessions well. He has made me realise that dropping dress sizes is more important than what the scales say.
— Claire, Solihull