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121 Personal Training
Look, Feel and Move Better

If you want to look, feel and move better, but need personalised help and guidance, our 121 programme is for you. Brendan’s 121 fitness and health coaching will help you build your fitness, lose weight and develop an all-round healthy lifestyle. After working with Brendan, you’ll be leaner, fitter and sharper mentally. He will tailor a programme that will ensure that you’ll lose fat and weight. You’ll change your views about food too.

Online Kickstart Program
Train at Home for a Better You!

Some people hate going to gyms, and it’s true that they can be intimidating places. So, if the gym is not for you, you can train at home. Sign up for our Online Kickstart Programme and you’ll get 8 weeks of online video coaching and email advice that will improve your fitness, help you lose weight, and feel and move better. You’ll get tips on fitness, better eating and living a healthier lifestyle. It’s great value and you don’t have to leave your living room!

Fit, Lean and Powerful Program
2 Months Fitness and Diet Blitz

Already a gym goer but want to take your fitness to a new level? The Online Fitness Blitz is for you. It’s not for the faint hearted - you’ll have to show that you’ve got the base-line fitness and the courage to go through with it. You might want to improve your PB in running, or be stronger, or be more flexible or any of those things or more. There’s only one way to do it - accept the challenge and Get Blitzed. This program is COMING SOON!


121 Personal Training

Brendan is a Master Personal Trainer at Virgin Active Solihull. He works closely with his clients to help them lose fat, get seriously fit and change their lifestyle. Find out how he can help you.


Online Kickstart Program

You don’t have to go to the gym! Eight weeks of video lifestyle coaching that will get you off the sofa, feeling awesome and moving better. Follow the videos, do the activities and watch your life change.


Blitz Program

Challenge yourself!

Two months of intense video training, personalised nutritional plans. Simple, effective workouts that will push your limits and make you stronger, fitter, faster and strip the body fat!

Structure plus implementation equals results!


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